Contact Management Joomla component designed to be easy to use.

Test component - enter with john ou pete (username) using "password" as password (all in small caps).


Username: pete

Password: password


Component can be downloaded here.

Features (v.1.0.0):

  • Accounts: create/edit/delete business or person accounts, and relations can be set.
  • Notes: annotation of conversations with accounts
  • Opportunities: classifications of the conversations to close a deal
  • Orders: conversions of opportunities to orders

Leads are considered the first stage of opportunities while orders are created when opportunities are closed won. The sales stage is set by users using the opportunities form.

Relations include business (works for, assistant of or belongs to groups) and individual family relationships (parents, children, etc). The family relationships is useful for non-profit fund raising and associations.


The component installs like any Joomla component. Component can be downloaded here.


At actual stage the component is fully functional and new functionality can be asked through "support".